Salsateca Dance School - Salsateca Dance School | Salsa Classes in London - Frequently Asked Questions



Do I need to book in advance to come to the classes?

You do not need to book in advance as our classes are drop-in classes which means you can come at any time and leave at any time.

Do I need to bring a partner?

You do not need to bring a partner. In the class you will dance with other students so you can come with one or without.

Do I need to wear anything special?

No special clothes are needed. Advanced students usualy wear dance shoes as they are regular dancers but if you are starting in the beginners class simply wear comfortable normal shoes.

Do you run courses? When does the next one start?

All our classes are drop-in classes so you can join us at any time and also stop attending. We do not run courses.

What style do you teach?

We teach Cross Body LA Style also known as Puerto Rican Style


ANY DRINKS, FOOD OR WATER FROM OUTSIDE ARE NOT ALLOWED at any of the Bars and Clubs where we run our lessons and parties.

Salsateca Dance School aims to bring Latin culture to London since 1992, organizing lessons and Latin nights in nice venues where you can socialize and have a nice drink while you learn how to dance. Please remember is all about the music, dance, meet people, have a drink and a great time. In the same way that you wouldn't bring your own sandwich or water to the table of a restaurant respect the venue rules and keep etiquette.

How can I know what is my level?


For who?
Anyone who's never learned Salsa/Bachata before and are keen on giving it a first go!

What will I learn?
You will be lead through the basic steps and foot patterns of Salsa, basic turns and change of positions, individually and in couples.

How long shall I stay?*
Between 5 to 8 classes.



For who?
This level will suit people who have attended more than 4 beginner classes, or people who have some previous experience in Salsa but are unsure of their level.

What will I learn?
You will learn the foundation of Salsa. We will focus on building your confidence individually and in couples, introducing new routines, more elaborated foot work, variations of the dancer's evolutions, change of positions and different turns and spinning patterns.

How long shall I stay?*
Between 8 to 16 classes.



For who?
This level is suitable for those with a fair experience in Salsa dancing (from at least about 16 classes).

What will I learn?
These classes will expand your knowledge and skills working in partners through elaborate sequences, several turns and spinning patterns, more advanced foot work, to and according with the music.

How long shall I stay?*
We advise you to stay at this level until you feel confident enough on the dance floor (about 10 to 15 classes).



For who?
This level is for you if you have a fairly strong experience in Salsa and are looking for an extra push and/or if you came regularly to the classes at least once or twice a week for the last 6 to 8 months.

What will I learn?
You will explore fast-paced and challenging sequences, footworks, turns and spins patterns. Depending on your  teacher, you will broaden your different styles and inspirations.

How long shall I stay?*
As long as you  need!

You ought to ask your teachers regarding recommendation and advice. They will be happy to clear any doubts regarding the level you are at and/or when to move up to the next one.

* Please understand that this is a rough time estimation. It will vary depending on your personal commitment, musicality, attendance, regularity and extra practice.